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2019 Countdown


2019 Countdown

Can you believe that there are less than 10 weeks until Prep starts in 2019!!!

Here is a list of everyday activities that you can do with your child to prepare for them school.  

10 weeks (21 November) 

Peg the washing on the clothes line. The action of using pegs will help build muscle tone in fingers and improve fine-motor control.

9 weeks (27 November) 
Discuss animals and their babies. Encourage and use the correct terms.
8 weeks (4 December) 
·      Visit a local library: get a library card, practice selecting a book and borrowing it. Many Gold Coast City Libraries run services for families and young children.
7 weeks (11 December) 
·     Discuss car colours in the carpark. What colour is the most popular? What colour is the least popular? Is there a colour you did not see?
6 weeks (18 December)
Use your ‘travel time’: count in the car (forwards and backwards), play simple rhyming games (cat, hat, sat etc., hit, bit, sit etc., fun, run, sun etc., hot, cot, shot, pot etc.)
5 weeks (25 December)
Discuss special days and when they occur. These might be public holidays such as Christmas and New Years Day, or events of personal significance such as birthdays, and anniversaries. Link these days to the months of the year.
4 weeks (1 January)
Re-read the same book all week. Discuss characters, feelings, make predictions about future events, change an event or character, link characters and events to other familiar stories/TV shows/movies.        

       3 weeks (8 January) 

·      Look for the first letter of your child’s name on signs and in magazines and newspapers. Try to think of other words that start with the same letter. 

       2 weeks (15 January)

       Get hearing checked and vision tested by an optometrist.
       Wear in school shoes.  
       1 week (22 January)
       Practice getting up, getting dressed, having breakfast and leaving the house by 8:30 am for at least 2 consecutive days (this may be as simple as going outside and playing in the backyard).  
       Get plenty of rest.
       School uniform shop open Friday 25 of January from 7.00am till 3.00pm
       First day of school is Tuesday 29 of January 2019.