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2018 Countdown


2018 Countdown

Can you believe that there are only 11 weeks until Prep starts in 2018!!!

Here is a list of everyday activities that you can do with your child to prepare for them school.   


11 weeks (6th November)

·         Use the scales at the supermarket (in the fruit section and at self-serve check-out). Use language such as weigh/weight, heavy, heavier than, heaviest, light, lighter than, lightest.
·         Compare to bathroom scales at home.

10 weeks (13th November)

·         Peg the washing on the clothes line. The action of using pegs will help build muscle tone in fingers and improve fine-motor control.

9 weeks (20th November)

·         Discuss animals and their babies. Encourage and use of the correct terms.

8 weeks (27th November)

·         Visit a local library: get a library card, practice selecting a book and borrowing it. Many Gold Coast City Libraries run services for families and young children.

7 weeks (4th December)

·         Discuss car colours in the carpark. What colour is the most popular? What colour is the least popular? Is there a colour you did not see?

6 weeks (11th December)

·         Discuss where food comes from: different meats, eggs, dairy, rice etc.

5 weeks (18th December)

·         Use your ‘travel time’: count in the car (forwards and backwards), play simple rhyming games (cat, hat, sat etc., hit, bit, sit etc., fun, run, sun etc., hot, cot, shot, pot etc.)

4 weeks (25th December)

·         Re-read the same book all week. Discuss characters, feelings, make predictions about future events, change an event or character.

3 weeks (1st January)

·         Look for the first letter of your child’s name on signs and in magazines and newspapers. Try to think of other words that start with the same letter.

2 weeks (8th January)

·         Get hearing checked and vision tested by an optometrist.
·         Wear in school shoes.  

1 week (14th January)

·         Practice getting up, getting dressed, having breakfast and leaving the house by 8:30 am for at least 2 consecutive days (this may be as simple as going outside and playing in the backyard).
·         Get plenty of rest.
First day of school is Monday 22nd January 2018.