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Folder: Tips-for-parentsTips-for-parentsTips-for-parents
2014 Discipline Audit Executive Summary - Gilston.pdf2014 Discipline Audit Executive Summary - Gilston2014 Discipline Audit Executive Summary - Gilston419 KB
2014 Discipline Audit Profile - Gilston.pdf2014 Discipline Audit Profile - Gilston2014 Discipline Audit Profile - Gilston376 KB
2014 Teaching and Learning Audit Profile - Gilston.pdf2014 Teaching and Learning Audit Profile - Gilston2014 Teaching and Learning Audit Profile - Gilston435 KB
2014 Teaching and Learning Executive Summary - Gilston.pdf2014 Teaching and Learning Executive Summary - Gilston2014 Teaching and Learning Executive Summary - Gilston193 KB
2016 Gilston Gourmet Menu-3.pdf2016 Gilston Gourmet Menu2016 Gilston Gourmet Menu-3517 KB
2016 Permission School Sport Details Booklet.pdf2016 Permission School Sport Details 2016 Permission School Sport Details Booklet585 KB
2017 Gilston BYO iPad Policy.pdf2017 Gilston BYO iPad Policy2017 Gilston BYO iPad Policy577 KB
Age Milestones_red_flag.pdfAge Milestones_red_flagAge Milestones_red_flag604 KB
Alphabet Tracing.pdfAlphabet TracingAlphabet Tracing693 KB
Application for Enrolment.pdfApplication for EnrolmentApplication for Enrolment336 KB
Application forStudent Enrolment.pdfApplication forStudent Enrolment 2017Application forStudent Enrolment2372 KB
Art Night GSS 2017 Invitation.pdfArt Night GSS 2017 InvitationArt Night GSS 2017 Invitation101 KB
Benevolent Society 2017 Primary School Notice.pdfBenevolent Society 2017 Primary School NoticeBenevolent Society 2017 Primary School Notice135 KB
Blue-card-application.pdfBlue Car ApplicationBlue-card-application226 KB
bubble alphabet.pdfBubble Alphabetbubble alphabet30 KB
Bush Dance 3.pdfBush DanceBush Dance 3967 KB
BUSH DANCE.pdfBush Dance 29 April 2016BUSH DANCE152 KB
catchment-map.pdfCatchment mapcatchment-map441 KB
credit-card-payment.pdfCredit card paymentcredit-card-payment10 KB
dental-van.pdfDental vandental-van34 KB
Dress Code 2015.pdfDress Code 2015Dress Code 201571 KB
Eisteddfod Band.pdfEisteddfod BandEisteddfod Band247 KB
Eisteddfod Choir note.pdfEisteddfod Choir noteEisteddfod Choir note64 KB
enrolment-agreement.pdfEnrolment agreementenrolment-agreement64 KB
Fathers Day Stall 2017.pdfFathers Day Stall 2017Fathers Day Stall 2017220 KB
Fizzics Ed CONSENT FORM no payment.pdfFizzics Ed Consent Form NO PaymentFizzics Ed CONSENT FORM no payment60 KB
Fizzics Ed CONSENT FORM.pdfFizzics Ed Consent Form PAYMENT dueFizzics Ed CONSENT FORM63 KB
Promotional Flyer for Host Families.pdfFlyer for Host FamiliesPromotional Flyer for Host Families990 KB
Food and Nutrition 3-5 years.pdfFood and Nutrition 3-5 yearsFood and Nutrition 3-5 years89 KB
GCH Dental Care Flyer 1MB.pdfGCH Dental Care FlyerGCH Dental Care Flyer 1MB1089 KB
Gilston Art Show.pdfGilston Art ShowGilston Art Show654 KB
Gilston Gourmet Menu.pdfGilston Gourmet MenuGilston Gourmet Menu517 KB
Gilston Orientation Invitation.pdfGilston Orientation InvitationGilston Orientation Invitation366 KB
Gilston School behaviour matrixA.pdfGilston school behaviour matrix.pdf.320KBGilston School behaviour matrixA321 KB
Gilston snapshot-report-2014.pdfGilston snapshot-report-2014Gilston snapshot-report-2014302 KB
Gilston SS Fair Newsletter (2).pdfGilston SS Fair Newsletter 1.28MBGilston SS Fair Newsletter (2)1313 KB
Gilston SS Handbook.pdfGilston SS HandbookGilston SS Handbook821 KB
Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students.pdfGilston SS Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students 2017Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students579 KB
Gilston State School Annual Report 2016.pdfGilston State School Annual Report 2016Gilston State School Annual Report 2016125 KB
Great Results Guarantee - SER - Gilston State School (DG Approved).PDFGreat Results Great Results Guarantee - SER - Gilston State School (DG Approved)892 KB
Gross Motor Activities.pdfGross Motor ActivitiesGross Motor Activities621 KB
handbook.pdfHandbookhandbook581 KB
Hand Foot and Mouth Disease.pdfHealth Advice - Hand Foot and Mouth Fact SheetHand Foot and Mouth Disease87 KB
norovirus-v1.pdfHealth Advice - Norovirus Fact Sheetnorovirus-v181 KB
Whooping-Cough-Pertussis-v11.pdfHealth Advice - Whooping Cough Fact SheetWhooping-Cough-Pertussis-v11164 KB
Homestay Document A.pdfHomestay Document AHomestay Document A276 KB
Hunting History.pdfHunting History Year 1 Consent LetterHunting History63 KB
internet-agreement.pdfInternet agreementinternet-agreement9 KB
internet-consent-form.pdfInternet consent forminternet-consent-form44 KB
Investing for Success - SER - Gilston State School.pdfInvesting for SuccessInvesting for Success - SER - Gilston State School133 KB
Gilston I4S 2017.pdfInvesting for Success Gilston SS 2017Gilston I4S 2017182 KB
Junior Years 1-3 Sport Day Program 2017.pdfJunior Years 1-3 Sport Day Program 2017Junior Years 1-3 Sport Day Program 2017143 KB
Lake Ainsworth Camp Year 6 Payment details letter.pdfLake Ainsworth Camp Year 6 Payment details letterLake Ainsworth Camp Year 6 Payment details letter227 KB
Lake Ainsworth What to bring.pdfLake Ainsworth What to bringLake Ainsworth What to bring99 KB
learning-and-wellbeing-seminar.pdfLearning and wellbeing seminarlearning-and-wellbeing-seminar389 KB
LOTE Cooking note.pdfLOTE Cooking noteLOTE Cooking note78 KB
NAIDOC 2016 (no payment).pdfNAIDOC 2016 CONSENT FORM (NO PAYMENT)NAIDOC 2016 (no payment)60 KB
P and C Pie Drive.pdfP and C Pie DriveP and C Pie Drive69 KB
P-4 Christmas Concert Program.pdfP-4 Christmas Concert ProgramP-4 Christmas Concert Program102 KB
Parent Information Evening Session.pdfParent Information Evening SessionParent Information Evening Session321 KB
Parent Information Evening Session 8 June 2017.pdfParent Information Evening Session 8 June 2017Parent Information Evening Session 8 June 2017320 KB
parent-info-early-entry-to-prep.pdfparent-info-early-entry-to-prepparent-info-early-entry-to-prep305 KB
payment-options.pdfPayment optionspayment-options18 KB
Pencil Grip.pdfPencil GripPencil Grip908 KB
Popular nursery rhymes.pdfPopular nursery rhymesPopular nursery rhymes187 KB
prep-bookpack.pdfPrep bookpackprep-bookpack8 KB
prep-parent-brochure.pdfPrep parent brochureprep-parent-brochure350 KB
Prep Sport Day Program 2017.pdfPrep Sport Day Program 2017Prep Sport Day Program 201751 KB
Preparing for Prep.pdfPreparing for PrepPreparing for Prep220 KB
Prewriting Skills.pdfPrewriting SkillsPrewriting Skills2778 KB
religious-education-form.pdfReligious education formreligious-education-form10 KB
Responsible Behaviour Plan.pdfResponsible Behaviour Plan Responsible Behaviour Plan404 KB
Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students September 2013 - 2.pdfResponsible Behaviour Plan for Students September 2013Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students September 2013 - 2645 KB
School Colour Fun Run Gilston State School Parent Consent included.pdfSchool Colour Fun Run Gilston State School Parent Consent includedSchool Colour Fun Run Gilston State School Parent Consent included706 KB
school-disciplinary-abscences.jpgSchool discplinary absencesschool-disciplinary-abscences251 KB
School Readiness Checklist.pdfSchool Readiness ChecklistSchool Readiness Checklist858 KB
Senior Yrs 4-6 Track and Field Program 2017.pdfSenior Yrs 4-6 Track and Field Program 2017Senior Yrs 4-6 Track and Field Program 201722 KB
skills-children-have-before-prep.pdfSkills children have before prepskills-children-have-before-prep34 KB
SRS Frequently asked Questions 2017.pdfSRS Frequently asked Questions 2017SRS Frequently asked Questions 2017202 KB
SRS Parent Information Letter 2017.pdfSRS Parent Information Letter 2017SRS Parent Information Letter 2017355 KB
SRS Participation Agreement Page 1.pdfSRS Participation Agreement Page 1SRS Participation Agreement Page 1302 KB
SRS Participation Agreement Page 2.pdfSRS Participation Agreement Page 2SRS Participation Agreement Page 21156 KB
STARLAB 2017.pdfSTARLAB 2017STARLAB 2017245 KB
STARLAB 2016.pdfSTARLAB consent form 2016STARLAB 2016180 KB
STARLAB 2016 (no payment).pdfSTARLAB consent forms (no payment)STARLAB 2016 (no payment)183 KB
Suggested books to read.pdfSuggested books to readSuggested books to read327 KB
Swimming Carnival Permission 2016.pdfSwimming Carnival Permission 2016Swimming Carnival Permission 2016121 KB
Swimming Lessons Permission.pdfSwimming Lessons PermissionSwimming Lessons Permission177 KB
Things to do with your child at home.pdfThings to do with your child at homeThings to do with your child at home808 KB
Thunderbird Park Camp Activity Consent Form.pdfThunderbird Park Camp Activity Consent FormThunderbird Park Camp Activity Consent Form195 KB
Thunderbird Park Dietary Form Template.pdfThunderbird Park Dietary FormThunderbird Park Dietary Form Template275 KB
Thunderbird Park Information for Parents.pdfThunderbird Park Information for ParentsThunderbird Park Information for Parents143 KB
toolkit-for-parents-to-address-bullying.pdfToolkit for parents to address bullyingtoolkit-for-parents-to-address-bullying155 KB
2015 Price List Page1.pdfTuckshop PriceList 12015 Price List Page1581 KB
2015 Price List Page2.pdfTuckshop PriceList 22015 Price List Page2615 KB
voluntary-contribution.pdfVoluntary contribution schemevoluntary-contribution8 KB
Year 1,2,4 Swimming Lessons Term 1.pdfYear 1,2,4 Swimming Lessons Term 1Year 1,2,4 Swimming Lessons Term 159 KB
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