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Folder: Tips-for-parentsTips-for-parentsTips-for-parents
Gilston Prep Performance.MP4Gilston Prep Performance5764 KB
GSS Staff Member Movie.aviGSS Staff Member Movie9466 KB
GSS Staff Member movie.mp4GSS Staff Member movie9467 KB
2019 Gilston Gourmet Menu.pdf2019 Gilston Gourmet Menu2019 Gilston Gourmet Menu550 KB
2019 Gilston Gourmet Menu_Oct19.pdf2019 Gilston Gourmet Menu_Oct192019 Gilston Gourmet Menu_Oct19566 KB
Joint Prep Transistions Show Case Flyer (002).pdf2019 Prep Enrolment Information Night Local Schools Working TogetherJoint Prep Transistions Show Case Flyer (002)318 KB
2019 Prep Transition Calendar.pdf2019 Prep Transition Calendar2019 Prep Transition Calendar624 KB
Age Milestones_red_flag.pdfAge Milestones_red_flagAge Milestones_red_flag604 KB
Alphabet Tracing.pdfAlphabet TracingAlphabet Tracing693 KB
Application for Enrolment.pdfApplication for EnrolmentApplication for Enrolment336 KB
GSS P  C General Meeting Minutes - April Minutes.pdfApril MinutesGSS P C General Meeting Minutes - April Minutes489 KB
Aust Biggest Morning Tea.pngAust Biggest Morning TeaAust Biggest Morning Tea159 KB
Blue-card-application.pdfBlue Card ApplicationBlue-card-application226 KB
Bornhoffen Medical and Risk Recognition Form.pdfBornhoffen Medical and Risk Recognition FormBornhoffen Medical and Risk Recognition Form305 KB
bubble alphabet.pdfBubble Alphabetbubble alphabet30 KB
catchment-map.pdfCatchment mapcatchment-map441 KB
dental-van.pdfDental vandental-van34 KB
Eisteddfod Band.pdfEisteddfod BandEisteddfod Band247 KB
Eisteddfod Choir note.pdfEisteddfod Choir noteEisteddfod Choir note64 KB
enrolment-agreement.pdfEnrolment agreementenrolment-agreement64 KB
Promotional Flyer for Host Families.pdfFlyer for Host FamiliesPromotional Flyer for Host Families990 KB
Food and Nutrition 3-5 years.pdfFood and Nutrition 3-5 yearsFood and Nutrition 3-5 years89 KB
GCH Dental Care Flyer 1MB.pdfGCH Dental Care FlyerGCH Dental Care Flyer 1MB1089 KB
Gilston Art Show.pdfGilston Art ShowGilston Art Show654 KB
Gilston School behaviour matrixA.pdfGilston school behaviour matrix.pdf.320KBGilston School behaviour matrixA321 KB
Annual Report Gilston 2017.pdfGilston State School Annual Report 2017Annual Report Gilston 2017125 KB
Great Results Guarantee - SER - Gilston State School (DG Approved).PDFGreat Results Great Results Guarantee - SER - Gilston State School (DG Approved)892 KB
Gross Motor Activities.pdfGross Motor ActivitiesGross Motor Activities621 KB
GSS  Summer Information Letter 2019 with contract.pdfGSS  Summer Information Letter 2019 with contractGSS Summer Information Letter 2019 with contract144 KB
GSS 2019 Annual Implementation Plan.pdfGSS 2019 Annual Implementation PlanGSS 2019 Annual Implementation Plan7253 KB
GSS Movie IMG_2499.MOVGSS MovieGSS Movie IMG_24995415 KB
GSS PREP Booklist 2020.pdfGSS PREP Booklist 2020GSS PREP Booklist 2020557 KB
GSS PREP iPad Booklist 2020.pdfGSS PREP iPad Booklist 2020GSS PREP iPad Booklist 2020557 KB
GSS SRS 2020 Letter to Parents.pdfGSS SRS 2020 Letter to ParentsGSS SRS 2020 Letter to Parents147 KB
GSS SRS 2020 Participation Form.pdfGSS SRS 2020 Participation FormGSS SRS 2020 Participation Form51 KB
GSS Strategic Plan 2019 - 2022.pdfGSS Strategic Plan 2019 - 2022GSS Strategic Plan 2019 - 20223663 KB
GSS Summer Interschool Sport DRAW ROUND 1.pdfGSS Summer Interschool Sport DRAW ROUND 1GSS Summer Interschool Sport DRAW ROUND 184 KB
GSS Term 2 Parents Calendar 2019.pdfGSS Term 2 Parents Calendar 2019GSS Term 2 Parents Calendar 2019207 KB
GSS YEAR 1 Booklist 2020.pdfGSS YEAR 1 Booklist 2020GSS YEAR 1 Booklist 2020562 KB
GSS YEAR 1 iPad Booklist 2020.pdfGSS YEAR 1 iPad Booklist 2020GSS YEAR 1 iPad Booklist 2020557 KB
GSS YEAR 2 iPad Booklist 2020.pdfGSS YEAR 2 iPad Booklist 2020GSS YEAR 2 iPad Booklist 2020561 KB
GSS YEAR 2 List 2020.pdfGSS YEAR 2 List 2020GSS YEAR 2 List 2020567 KB
GSS YEAR 3 Booklist 2020.pdfGSS YEAR 3 Booklist 2020GSS YEAR 3 Booklist 2020569 KB
GSS YEAR 3 iPad class 2020 booklist.pdfGSS YEAR 3 iPad class 2020 booklistGSS YEAR 3 iPad class 2020 booklist566 KB
GSS YEAR 4 booklist 2020.pdfGSS YEAR 4 booklist 2020GSS YEAR 4 booklist 2020573 KB
GSS YEAR 4 iPad booklist 2020.pdfGSS YEAR 4 iPad booklist 2020GSS YEAR 4 iPad booklist 2020570 KB
GSS YEAR 5 Booklist 2020.pdfGSS YEAR 5 Booklist 2020GSS YEAR 5 Booklist 2020571 KB
GSS YEAR 5 iPad Booklist 2020.pdfGSS YEAR 5 iPad Booklist 2020GSS YEAR 5 iPad Booklist 2020565 KB
GSS YEAR 6 Booklist 2020.pdfGSS YEAR 6 Booklist 2020GSS YEAR 6 Booklist 2020571 KB
GSS YEAR 6 iPad Booklist 2020.pdfGSS YEAR 6 iPad Booklist 2020GSS YEAR 6 iPad Booklist 2020562 KB
Hand Foot and Mouth Disease.pdfHealth Advice - Hand Foot and Mouth Fact SheetHand Foot and Mouth Disease87 KB
norovirus-v1.pdfHealth Advice - Norovirus Fact Sheetnorovirus-v181 KB
Whooping-Cough-Pertussis-v11.pdfHealth Advice - Whooping Cough Fact SheetWhooping-Cough-Pertussis-v11164 KB
Home artwork declaration.pdfHome artwork declarationHome artwork declaration555 KB
Homestay Document A.pdfHomestay Document AHomestay Document A276 KB
Inflatable Obstacle Course 2019.pdfInflatable Obstacle Course 2019Inflatable Obstacle Course 2019248 KB
internet-agreement.pdfInternet agreementinternet-agreement9 KB
internet-consent-form.pdfInternet consent forminternet-consent-form44 KB
GSS Interschool Sport DRAW ROUND 1.pdfInterschool Sport DRAW ROUND 1GSS Interschool Sport DRAW ROUND 1451 KB
I4S 2019.pdfInvesting for Success 2019I4S 201956 KB
Junior Sport Day Program 2019.pdfJunior Sport Day Program 2019Junior Sport Day Program 2019142 KB
Lake Ainsworth What to bring.pdfLake Ainsworth What to bringLake Ainsworth What to bring99 KB
learning-and-wellbeing-seminar.pdfLearning and wellbeing seminarlearning-and-wellbeing-seminar389 KB
Life Ed permission notedoc.pdfLife Ed permission note 2019Life Ed permission notedoc152 KB
LOTE Cooking note.pdfLOTE Cooking noteLOTE Cooking note78 KB
GSS P  C General Meeting Minutes - March Minutes.pdfMarch MinutesGSS P C General Meeting Minutes - March Minutes241 KB
GSS P  C General Meeting Minutes - May Minutes.pdfMay MinutesGSS P C General Meeting Minutes - May Minutes527 KB
Munch Monitor.pdfMunch Monitor Online Tuckshop detailsMunch Monitor359 KB
Orientation Day Invitation.pdfOrientation Day InvitationOrientation Day Invitation830 KB
Parent Handbook 2019.pdfParent Handbook 2019Parent Handbook 2019691 KB
parent-info-early-entry-to-prep.pdfparent-info-early-entry-to-prepparent-info-early-entry-to-prep305 KB
payment-options.pdfPayment optionspayment-options18 KB
Pencil Grip.pdfPencil GripPencil Grip908 KB
Popular nursery rhymes.pdfPopular nursery rhymesPopular nursery rhymes187 KB
Prep 2019 Orientation Invitation.pdfPrep 2019 Orientation InvitationPrep 2019 Orientation Invitation288 KB
prep-bookpack.pdfPrep bookpackprep-bookpack8 KB
Prep Ditto Show.pdfPrep Ditto ShowPrep Ditto Show293 KB
prep-parent-brochure.pdfPrep parent brochureprep-parent-brochure350 KB
Prep Parent Info Term 2 2019.pdfPrep Parent Info Term 2 2019Prep Parent Info Term 2 2019454 KB
Prep Parent Information Term 1 2019.pdfPrep Parent Information Term 1 2019Prep Parent Information Term 1 2019636 KB
Prep Parent Placemat Term 4 2019.pdfPrep Parent Placemat Term 4 2019Prep Parent Placemat Term 4 2019617 KB
Preparing for Prep.pdfPreparing for PrepPreparing for Prep220 KB
Prewriting Skills.pdfPrewriting SkillsPrewriting Skills2778 KB
QParents Registration Quick Reference Guide.pdfQParents Registration Quick Reference GuideQParents Registration Quick Reference Guide1027 KB
religious-education-form.pdfReligious education formreligious-education-form10 KB
Responsible Behaviour Plan.pdfResponsible Behaviour Plan Responsible Behaviour Plan404 KB
School Colour Fun Run Gilston State School Parent Consent included.pdfSchool Colour Fun Run Gilston State School Parent Consent includedSchool Colour Fun Run Gilston State School Parent Consent included706 KB
School Readiness Checklist.pdfSchool Readiness ChecklistSchool Readiness Checklist858 KB
Senior Sports Day Program 2019.pdfSenior Sports Day Program 2019Senior Sports Day Program 2019126 KB
skills-children-have-before-prep.pdfSkills children have before prepskills-children-have-before-prep34 KB
SRS 2020 Frequently Asked Questions.pdfSRS 2020 Frequently Asked QuestionsSRS 2020 Frequently Asked Questions195 KB
SRS Frequently asked Questions 2019.pdfSRS Frequently asked Questions 2019SRS Frequently asked Questions 2019247 KB
SRS Parent Information Letter 2019.pdfSRS Parent Information Letter 2019SRS Parent Information Letter 2019614 KB
SRS Participation Agreement 2019.pdfSRS Participation Agreement 2019SRS Participation Agreement 2019923 KB
SRS Participation Agreement Page 1.pdfSRS Participation Agreement Page 1SRS Participation Agreement Page 1302 KB
SRS Participation Agreement Page 2.pdfSRS Participation Agreement Page 2SRS Participation Agreement Page 21156 KB
Suggested books to read.pdfSuggested books to readSuggested books to read327 KB
Super Charity Week.pdfSuper Charity WeekSuper Charity Week721 KB
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